Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Endings (Originally posted July 22, 2011)

Happy Endings by Kelly Elizabeth Jarvis.

Once upon a time. Those are words I've heard a lot growing up, and I've been thinking lately. As woman we are taught from a very young age about love. It’s everywhere. We see it in TV shows, magazines, and even children’s movies. So I don’t blame anyone for getting the idea that that’s what the key to happiness is or anything. But I got to thinking about it more and it kind of started driving me a little crazy. We can spend our whole lives looking for “the one” our prince charming or lady in waiting. We can spend all this time running around like our lives are some kind of fairy tale and we won’t get our happy ending without that last kiss from our true love. I think we’ve seem to forgotten something. We’ve already been part of the most epic love story ever. It’s not some boy meets girl falls in love and does anything and everything he can to get this girl. Our story is about a man who was born here for a reason. To save us, He gave his life because He loved you so much. He was tortured and and killed on a cross, all this without ever even meeting you. He did this because he knew what your life was going to be. He knew all the things you were going to do and he loved you no matter what you turned out to be. He never met me, never heard my voice, and I never once said I loved him to his face. But he gladly took my place on that cross. He did it all so that one day I would be able to see him, and I would be able to tell him I love him. He did this so that one day when my life here is over I can have my happy ending.

If that’s not the most beautiful love story ever I don’t know what is.

The end.


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