Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grand Gesture

Grand Gesture by Kelly Elizabeth Jarvis.

I would see myself as a very strong independent woman. While I haven't been a woman for very long as I am only 22, however I've always felt like I could take care of myself. I've never grown up thinking about the day I get married, and I'm not sure I will ever get married. It's not something I tend to put great thought into.

However I have noticed that for most girls this is the case. I have friends (Nicole) that have files for their wedding day and they aren't even dating anyone right now. Now I'm not saying that marriage isn't something I haven't thought about. I was engaged when I was seventeen and that's when I realized that this idea of growing up and finding "the one" was getting in the way of what was really happening.
I came around and realized that this was the first person who ever told me they loved me outside of my family, and while we had fun together we weren't made for each other. We were seventeen and we just wanted someone to love us, and we figured that getting married would mean having someone love us, forever.

I've often thought about what would have happened if I never changed my mind. If I hadn't broken it off. If I had never grown up and realized that while being asked to marry someone is kind of magical, and for a moment in your life the only people in the world are you and that person. That in the background, you have a real life, and that this answer changes that real life. They don't tell you about that in those .

As woman I think that ideas are placed in our minds at a very young age. We are show fairytale after fairytale and, told that there is a prince charming out there for us. Some of us spend our whole lives waiting for this grand gesture from someone that proves their love for us. We've grown to need that kind of confirmation in our everyday lives. We are disappointed if this unrealistic expectation never happens. And yet. It has. We seem to have forgotten that we all started out with the biggest grand gesture of them all. Someone has already given up the most important thing in their lives for you. Someone has already died to love you. One put himself on a cross and one sent him to do so. One was spit on, beating, and torn down, and one had to watch in pain. They did this so that one day they could spend forever with you. They may not sparkle in the sunlight or write songs about Their undying love for you. But one created the sunlight and one did died for you.

Remember John 3:16


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