Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden...

I wasn't going to post anything about Osama Bin Laden on my Facebook today. One. I don't think my words are all that important. Two. if they really were important Facebook isn't the place I would pick to display them. However I spent the morning reading my friends post about him. They were mixed emotions, everywhere from happiness to disbelief and even talks of how 9/11 had been planned by the hands of Bush. I was even invited to an Osama's dead party. I realize we are all excited and rightly so. However can we please remember that yes as evil and diabolical that this man was that he was still just that, a man, a human. So don't send me invites to death parties because I won't be there. I will be celebrating for those who were lost 10 years ago, and the people that have given their lives since in the war. But I will never celebrate the death of another person. No matter how evil.


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