Saturday, January 8, 2011

Real Words

Everyone at some point is told they aren't good enough. That they aren't smart, pretty, strong, or even loved. We take these words and we hold onto them as if they are true. But there not. We have this light that watches us. And this light it feels for us. It knows who we are. When we hurt. When we smile. When we are broken. And this light never see's weakness, never thinks you're stupid, and couldn't imagine anything more beautiful in the whole world than you. That light is God. And he knows you are powerful in so many ways. More then you could ever really know. He loves you and made you and all that you are for a reason. So don't ever hold on to those meaningless words. Hold on to the truth. That Jesus died for you and the plans he has for you. He believed in you so much that he would die just so you could live and he has such great plans for you. Plans that with words of courage, strength, power, and love.


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