Sunday, July 15, 2012


Every once and awhile you come across words that play to your heartstrings like magic, seamlessly dancing off the pages tingling in your fingertips. Words can so eloquently be placed out into the world, only to be heard and forgotten. But that doesn’t make them any less honest, any less meaningful, or any less real. Beauty isn’t always seen with plain eyes. It can be spoken by simple tongue and heard by sensible ears. Words can be used as weapons against our greatest fears. Words make us fall in love, believe in magic, and even brings to light feelings we can’t explain with words. We spit our words out like fireflies watching them light the bright sky and not knowing their purpose. We take advantage of ourselves, forget the power we hold, and demean others with our words. We delight in the rhythm of their placement and sway to their lyrics. We indulge ourselves in meaningless conversation and run away at the sound of commitment. Words change lives just by the way they are laid on a page. Words can bring smiles to faces of sorrow, joy to unnerving souls, and comfort to worried hearts. The only thing more powerful than words are the ways in which we use them..


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